bilen.jpgHello, my name is Carsten Hult
and I am an energy and magnet therapist.

For about 8 years I have treated horses, people and dogs with all sorts of sufferings using magnets.
I have also had long term cooperation with veterinarians, masseurs, chiropractors and several other therapists.
Since the summer of 2006, I have had the chance to work with one of Scandinavia's so far best gallop profiles: Ole Larsen. (Champion jockey and at the time being a professional trainer with several Derby victories behind him.) He also has experience from Europe and USA. With Ole I have been able to study and treat everything, from young horses to old faithful servants, and see how training and competition affects the individual horse.

Throughout these years I have developed one kind of magnet therapy for healthy animals and people and another for sick and rehabilitation patients. You can read more about this under the respective groups in the submenu: Problem / Treatment.

My philosophy is to find the individual's weak point and help it. My thorough conviction is that a person's body is the best doctor and an animal's body is the best veterinarian, if only you give them the chance.
Let your horse or your dog have the same chance you would give yourself.

NOTE! People undergoing medical treatment or using electronic helping devices should avoid magnet therapy and this is also applicable for pregnant women and animals.